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Microsoft.Win32.Security - enumerating Sids

4 minuut gelezen

I just spent some time to find a list that contained the Sid-strings for the well known Sids (WKS) that the Microsoft.Win32.Security-dll provides via the Sid...

DasBlog security-patch

minder dan 1 minuut gelezen

Clemens has posted a patch to prevent bad things from happening to your blog. The installation is very simple and should only take a minute or so.

Xpath, C# and code-generation

minder dan 1 minuut gelezen

I tend to use code-generation to avoid "dumb" work where possible. Xslt is a valueable tool to create the templates for the code that is to be generated. The...

Windows XP SP 2 and Biztalk Server

minder dan 1 minuut gelezen

If you're running BTS on a Windows XP-box and have just applied SP2, you should check out the following link:

Use linux!

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If you want to rule the world ... use linux!