Sybase feature

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The project I'm working on at the moment requires the use of a Sybase database. To ensure we started with the correct version, the client made a dump of the current database. After installing the Sybase software - which went fairly smooth - we ran into the following error:

<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style=”MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”><PRE>“The database you are attempting to LOAD was DUMPed under a different sort order ID (44) or
character set ID (2) than the ones running on this server (SortOrd = 41, CharSet = 2).
If the sort orders differ, at least one of them is non-binary.”</PRE></BLOCKQUOTE>

For some reason Sybase removed the characterset with id #44 from ASE in the 12.5 release.
The following steps were needed to resolve the issue:
- Make a copy of C:\sybase\charsets\cp850\ and name it
- Edit the contents: change the id to 0x2C and the name to nocase_44
- CD to c:\sybase\ase-12_5\bin
- run charset cp850
- Change the default sortorder id to 44 (sp_configure)
- Restart the server

Now you should be able to load the dump.